LifeLine Team

Charlie Ojoko

Charlie Ojoko is the Executive Director of LifeLine Youth and Family Service. Prior to joining LifeLine in a full-time position, Charlie spent many years working as a Lifeline volunteer on various projects. Through these projects, he learned the environment in which Lifeline operates and developed a deep-seated belief that Lifeline can have a tremendous impact on healthcare and education quality for those who are the hardest to reach, but need it the most. He supported Lifeline international expansion and developed new and innovative distribution channels for Lifeline Services in Africa. Charlie now applies his international services experience, organizational and project management skills, and intense determination to produce positive, lasting results to improve last-mile healthcare and education services for youths and family at risk.

Charlie has a BSC in Business Administration from Salem State University, Salem MA.

Sam Shoneye

Prior to joining LifeLine Youth and Family Service, Sam Spent over 19 years as Director, VP of Finance and CFO of publicly and private venture funded companies. His best attribute can the associated with developing a sound and workable business plan, and forecast to meet long and short term financial requirements.

Sam believes what a small business should look for is added value, reduce waste and continuous improvements. The company must facilitate the interactions between itself and its customers. Finally, he believes that there must be steps to find the most suitable solution.

Lucy Kalunde

Lucy is the Outreach Project Coordinator for LifeLine Youth and Family Service. She has worked in health care for more than a decade and is plays an important role in reach out to minorities in the Greater Boston Metro area. Lucy helps these people specifically through helping them navigate the health care system, running health awareness group sessions and generally providing support of those less fortunate. In addition to English, Lucy speaks Swahili and Spanish.

Isatta Kuyateh

Isatta serves as Director of Communications for LifeLine Youth and Family Service. She has worked as an Information Technology Manager for Enterprise Software companies for over 12 years. She believes that the path to progress is education, awareness and innovation. Isatta is committed to communicating the vision, initiatives and results of LifeLine Youth and Family Service to allow people to become familiar with the current HIV/Aids crisis facing Africa today and encourage everyone who will listen to get involved in the fight.

Joel Bishop

Joel is the Director of Technology for LifeLine Youth and Family Service and is a key player in fund raising activities. He has worked in Information Technology in various sectors since 1998. Joel is passionate about the use of technology in business for education, fund raising and spreading our message about disparities in health care among minorities.