Violence Intervention & Prevention Program (VIPP)

Because men and boys must be a part of the solution, and not the problem.
Men’s violence towards women is an unfortunate, tragic issue that affects victims, children, families, and our communities. When men choose to engage in violence and coercive control towards women, their behavior has significant negative affects on the victim, and their actions can be potentially lethal. But the effects of their choices don’t just stop with the direct victim; children who are exposed to this abuse are also affected, and they may be victims of violence themselves.
LifeLine’s Violence Intervention & Prevention Programs have worked for over 5 years to end men’s violence towards women by supporting victim safety, holding offenders accountable and supporting men who wish to engage in a process of change. LifeLine works with men across the state who have a history of violence and coercive control towards women. Our staff seek to support them to address their behavior, understand how it has harmed to victim, children and others, and to support them in making safe, respectful choices in the future.
LifeLine believes that providing support and services to survivors of domestic violence is critical, and LifeLine staff prioritize victim safety in all our efforts. This includes raising an awareness of the ways that children are affected by being exposed to the abuse of their mother. Some young men need particular support and attention in learning about safe and respectful behavior. Whether or not they were exposed to violence as children, some boys and young men in our communities show signs of being abusive themselves or have already begun to act violently toward others.
Domestic Violence Solutions

DV Solutions (Domestic Abuse Education Program) is part of a coordinated community effort to end male violence against women and children by educating men who batter and young men who use violence. As a batterer intervention program, DV Solutions works to hold men accountable for their violence and to look at the effects of their actions, giving them an opportunity to change their behavior and beliefs. LifeLine works in conjunction with victim’s advocate agencies, the Mass Department of Corrections, schools and other youth service organizations, and the local Domestic Violence Task Force in communities across Mass.
Intensive Domestic Abuse Program 

The Intensive Domestic Abuse Program (IDAP) is managed and delivered by LifeLine for the Mass Department of Corrections. IDAP is a batterer’s intervention program provided in community probation & parole offices and in a correctional facility. Participants are male offenders with felony or multiple misdemeanor convictions for domestic violence-related offenses. Groups meet twice per week, and the community program can be completed in a year. LifeLine facilitators and supervisors work closely with the Mass Department of Corrections through co-facilitation of groups and collaboration at regular team meetings.
Thinking for a Change

Thinking for a Change (T4C) is a Mass Department of Corrections program for a broad range of violent offenders. Lifeline provides facilitation in T4C groups.  Thinking for a Change is an integrated, cognitive behavioral change program for offenders that includes cognitive restructuring, social skills development, and development of problem solving skills.