Please see our list of Programs below:

• Violence Intervention & Prevention Program (VIPP) Learn more »
• Youth Development Program Learn more »
• Street Outreach Learn more »
• Youth in Transition (YIT) Learn more »
• Jump On Board for Success (JOBS) Learn more »
• Adult Education Learn more »
• Immigration/Citizenship Class Learn more »
• Counseling Services Learn more »
• Adult and Childhood Obesity Learn more »

Violence Intervention & Prevention Program (VIPP)

Men’s violence towards women is an unfortunate, tragic issue that affects victims, children, families, and our communities. When men choose to engage in violence and coercive control towards women, their behavior has significant negative effects on the victim, and their actions can be potentially lethal. But the effects of their choices don’t just stop with the direct victim; children who are exposed to this abuse are also affected, and they may be victims of violence themselves. Learn more »

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Youth Development Program

The Youth Development Program (YDP) provides access to a wide range of services designed to help youth transition from State custody and care to self-sufficiency and independent living. YDP case managers often develop long-term, supportive relationships with youth, and provide a high level of advocacy. Staff also encourage youth to advocate for themselves and develop leadership skills. Learn more »

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Street Outreach

The Street Outreach program has been making connections with homeless, runaway and vulnerable youth, and helping them access to Shelter and Drop-In Center, as well as healthcare, substance abuse and mental health counseling, educational support, and case management. LifeLine street outreach go out onto the streets to connect with youth, build trusting relationships with them, and provide basic needs like food, water, hygiene products, and cold weather gear, as well as information about local resources such as the Drop-In Center and Clinic. Learn more »

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Youth in Transition (YIT)

The Youth in Transition Grant (YIT) provides expanded services and supports to young adult ages 16-21, focusing on healthy transitions to independent adulthood and the avoidance of incarceration. YIT provides young adults with opportunities for personal growth, skill development, and achievement of goals. YIT support is available to young adults in all areas of Mass through the YIT offices located throughout the state. Learn more »
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Jump On Board for Success (JOBS)

The J.O.B.S. (Jump On Board for Success) Program is an innovative, intensive case management program for young adults ages 16-21, which promotes healthy transitions to independence using employment as the catalyst for progress. The focus of the J.O.B.S. Program is to support young adults with finding and keeping stable, competitive, fulfilling employment, while working to overcome barriers which jeopardize successfully transitioning into adulthood. Learn more »

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Adult Education

The goal of LifeLine’s Adult Education program is to provide adult immigrants with the English skills they need to become full participants in U.S. society and attain economic and social well-being for themselves and their families.   To accomplish this goal, our “Survival to Success” English program is divided into two sections:  Foundations of Success and Pathways to Success. Learn more »

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Immigration/Citizenship Class

Lifeline Youth and Family Services offers Supplemental Classes – Writing and Computer Skills, Citizenship Services and many more. Learn more »

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Counseling Services

Our counselors are trained clinical therapists, serving children and families. Learn more »

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Adult and Childhood Obesity

Lifeline address contributing factors behind adult and child obesity…Fast food. Super-sized meals and drinks. Video games. Cutbacks in physical education. These and other social forces are contributing to an astounding rise in overweight children. Learn more »

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