Youth in Transition (YIT)

The Youth in Transition Grant (YIT) provides expanded services and supports to young adult ages 16-21, focusing on healthy transitions to independent adulthood and the avoidance of incarceration.
YIT offers support in navigating this often difficult and uncertain time of life and encourages young adults to become successful, responsible, happy, and self-sufficient adults. YIT provides young adults with opportunities for personal growth, skill development, and achievement of goals.
YIT support is available to young adults in all areas of Massachusetts through the YIT offices located throughout the state. YIT is a collaborative effort of LifeLine Youth & Family Services. YIT programming is available throughout the county, and has special focus on outreach to young adults living and rural areas and young adults from multicultural backgrounds including young adult immigrants and refugees.
YIT staff can provide assistance with:

  • Building a resume
  • Finding and keeping a job
  • Stabilizing housing
  • Finding basic needs
  • Applying for health care coverage
  • Finding a doctor or counselor
  • Enrolling in life and job skills trainings
  • Applying for 3 Squares or SSI
  • Finding ways to overcome substance abuse issues
  • Enrolling in High School Completion or GED courses
  • Applying to college
  • Applying for scholarships
  • Getting matched with a mentor
  • Getting linked to community supports and services
  • Developing independence

YIT’s goal is to ensure that young adults in Massachusetts are empowered, healthy, valued, and engaged in their communities. YIT support is available to qualifying individuals regardless of school or educational status. YIT support is completely free to those who qualify!
Participating in YIT services can take shape in two different ways:

1.  Support from a YIT Case Manager offers comprehensive case management, addressing all support needs over a longer period, typically at least several months.

2.  Support from a YIT Young Adult Navigator offers shorter term support, addressing needs one at a time as they arise.